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Mobile Media

Sureflix Mobile Videos – Sureflix offers telcos and their various aggregators worldwide an array of soft and hard core mobile video clips à là carte or by programs from the best gay studios in the world.

Sureflix offers a suite of products designed to exploit the current capabilities of the medium and allow users the highest quality gay content no matter their location. Along with industry partners such as Telefonica, Sureflix continues to explore this quickly growing media vehicle.

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Quick Bite Articles

Dev Depot: WebMatrix 3, Web Development Goes On Fast Track
Rarely built on static HTML, websites today often require a range of technologies that are difficult and time consuming to integrate. Fortunately, a selection of tools is available to smooth over the rough spots and make development much easier than before.

Dev Depot: HTML5 Shiv, Backwards Compatibility
Of all the current coding technologies holding the most promise for the future, HTML5 leads the way — but despite its potential, many developers shy away from upgrading their infrastructure to HTML5 — often using the excuse of incompatibility with older browsers to cover for an unwillingness to adapt or to learn new techniques.

Dev Depot: Ghost, Open Source Blog Publishing
Calling itself “a beautifully designed platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing,” Ghost is an Open Source application that allows users to easily create and publish a blog, with tools that make it fun to do. “It’s simple, elegant, and designed so that you can spend less time making your blog work and more time blogging.”

Dev Depot: Resumable, Upping Upload Reliability
The problem is a common one for Internet users trying to upload a large file, where the process is either corrupted or aborted. Depending upon connection speed and provider fair use policies, this can be an expensive, frustrating and time consuming process.

Dev Depot: urlQuery, Detects Potential Malware
A free online service for testing and analyzing URLs, urlQuery helps identify malicious and suspicious content on websites as a means of improving the safety and security of the Internet. It’s also a great tool for auditing your own websites.

Jet Set Gets Demanding
Chris Steele knows better than anyone that porn consumers’ habits are changing along with technology.

Nuru Massage: Erotic Japanese Trend Steadily Gaining Ground
From rope bondage to hentai (a sexually explicit form of animé), a variety of erotic Japanese imports have found their way to North America, Europe and Australia over the years. And the erotic side of Japan has also come to the west in the form of the Nuru massage, a type of massage that is performed in the nude using special gels. Nuru massage (also called nuru-nuru) is making its presence felt in different areas of the adult entertainment industry ranging from erotic Nuru videos (both porn and instructional) to North American companies that manufacture Nuru gels, including the Valencia, Calif.-based Trigg Laboratories (makers of Wet Nuru), the Los Angeles-based Nori Fields Co. (known for Mr. Nori’s Magic Gel and other products) and the Montreal, Canada-based Shunga (makers of the Oriental Body Slide Erotic Nuru Massage Kit).

SIVD Video Player Aims to Curb Online Porn Piracy
According to SIVD Systems, content theft is not something that website publishers have to live with anymore, as they can now fight back against it. This is especially true of new or as yet unreleased content, proactively protected before it is published and pirated across the Internet.

Rise of the Digital Wearables
Soon, computers and other devices will be something you wear, rather than carry, and it all starts this holiday season as widespread wearable tech comes into its own. Google’s revolutionary Glass technology is a prime example, as is the latest range of smartwatches.
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